Where in Africa is the best place to see LIONS MATING while on wildlife safari? Maasai Mara

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CLOSE UP of lion mating ritual. You are on your long awaited #Africa #Wildlife safari in search of the Big 5 and much more. Game viewing drives are fantastic and insightful ways to travel around the park. Every game drive is a different experience and you will never know what you might just see. Lions mating or honeymoon lions are they are often referred to are rare sightings. If you are lucky you might just sight the lions copulating. How do lions mate? Interestingly, rather than a male lion approaching the lioness; it is the lioness who approaches the male lion of their choice. A male lion can mate up to 100 times in a day in a process that lasts only about 17sec. They can keep up for days and not even take a break to eat. It is usually a painful process for the lioness. The male lion penis is spiked and when withdrawn it causes the lioness pain which makes the lioness want to revenge. That is why lionesses are often seen biting male lions during copulation. Pain and irritation is what stimulates a lioness to actually ovulate. Why do lionesses roll over after mating? This may be due to the hormones altering in her body in response to ovulation and also to clean the scent of the tom off her before she accepts another mating, which could be just 30 minutes later. Game drives are conducted in custom 8-seater safari vans which have an overhead cover to protect you from the sun and comfortable seating for excellent game viewing. Whatever is your style of travel we can customize your safari to suit your taste and preference Book your Discover Africa safari with us www.awardsafaris.com

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