Madagascar Restates Neutrality in Ukraine Conflict, Calls for Peaceful Resolution

Ambassador  Andreev Andrey and Minister Yvette Sylla during their meeting yesterday - L'Express de Madagascar

In a recent vote on the United Nations resolution titled "Principles for a Global, Just, and Lasting Peace in Ukraine," Madagascar reaffirmed its commitment to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Yesterday, during a courtesy visit from Russian Ambassador Andreev Andrey, Minister of Foreign Affairs Yvette Sylla clarified the country's position on the matter. She explained that Madagascar adopted the resolution to preserve world peace and safeguard its national and socioeconomic interests.

Despite its stance on the Ukraine conflict, Madagascar maintains friendly relations with the Russian Federation based on mutual respect and sovereignty. The two parties discussed issues related to strengthening bilateral cooperation, among other topics.

Diplomacy of Openness

At the beginning of their meeting, Andreev Andrey congratulated his host on her appointment. Regarding Madagascar's position on the Ukraine conflict, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted in a statement on February 24:

"Madagascar, in line with its values, has always adopted a position of neutrality. It pursues a diplomacy of openness and seeks to encourage any initiative favorable to the promotion and achievement of global and just peace... Madagascar reaffirms its commitment to a peaceful resolution of disputes and calls on all parties to refrain from actions that threaten world peace. How can we achieve Sustainable Development Goals in a context of global insecurity exacerbated by the pandemic and climate change? Furthermore, the evolution of the situation in Ukraine highlights its impacts on global food and energy security, directly affecting the Malagasy population by skyrocketing prices of basic necessities. In this regard, to safeguard national interests, particularly those of the Malagasy population, Madagascar believes that it would be opportune to seize this opportunity to put an end to the conflicts and crises they generate. Madagascar calls on human consciousness to preserve future generations now."

Madagascar's neutrality on the Ukraine conflict reflects the country's commitment to peaceful conflict resolution and its desire to safeguard its national and socioeconomic interests. By advocating for global peace and calling on all parties to refrain from actions that threaten it, Madagascar reinforces its commitment to sustainable development goals and the well-being of its population.

Source : L'Express de Madagascar

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