Kamala Harris Announces $1 Billion Initiative for Women's Economic Empowerment in Africa

During her tour of Africa, Vice President Kamala Harris unveiled a one billion dollar initiative to boost economic empowerment for women across the continent, with significant private sector funding. The program was presented by her office in Accra, Ghana, the first stop on her tour, before departing for Tanzania. The funding will support economic development and cultural initiatives in Ghana and invest in West African coastal nations at risk of jihadist violence from the Sahel. The initiative for women's economic empowerment includes around $400 million from the private sector to help bridge the digital gap between men and women. More than $500 million from the private sector will also be used to support economic empowerment for women in Africa. Harris called for more investment in innovation, digital economy, good governance, and democracy in Africa. Her African tour will conclude in Zambia later this week.

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