Apply for Global Youth Climate Action Fund (GYCAF) Microgrants 2023

Deadline: June 16, 2023

Calling all young African changemakers! Are you passionate about tackling climate change and creating a sustainable future? Here's an incredible opportunity for you. The Global Youth Climate Action Fund (GYCAF) is now accepting applications for its Microgrants 2023. This fund aims to empower youth-led initiatives that combat climate change and promote environmental conservation. With grants ranging from USD $500 to USD $1,000, GYCAF is ready to support your innovative projects and help turn your green dreams into reality.

GYCAF's Microgrants 2023 target various areas where youth-led action can make a significant difference. Here are the key focus areas:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture: GYCAF recognizes the importance of smart agriculture in ensuring food sustainability. If you have an initiative that combines innovation, technology, and sustainable farming practices, this grant could be your stepping stone.
  2. Clean Energy: Many communities still lack access to reliable and affordable energy sources. GYCAF is looking for projects that aim to power these communities using clean energy solutions. If you have an idea that can bring light and energy to those in need, this is the opportunity for you.
  3. Oceans: The health of our oceans is crucial for combating climate change. GYCAF supports initiatives that focus on protecting marine life and mitigating climate-related catastrophes. If you have a project centered around ocean conservation, this grant can help bring your ideas to life.
  4. Capacity Building: GYCAF believes in equipping young people with the necessary entrepreneurship skills to drive change. If you have a program that empowers youth through training, mentorship, and skill development, GYCAF wants to hear from you.
  5. Green Stewardship: Biodiversity conservation and influencing behavioral change are essential for a sustainable future. GYCAF encourages projects that aim to protect biodiversity and raise awareness about the environment. If you have an initiative that promotes green stewardship, this grant can provide the support you need.
  6. Technology and Innovation: Breakthrough solutions are needed to address climate-related challenges. GYCAF is interested in supporting projects that leverage technology and innovation to solve pressing environmental issues. If you have an innovative idea with the potential to make a real impact, seize this opportunity.

To be eligible for the GYCAF Microgrants, your organization must be youth-led, with individuals under the age of 30 comprising at least 80% of the ownership. You should demonstrate a strong commitment to grassroots activism and have a clear vision for the environmental and socio-economic impacts of your project. GYCAF particularly values projects with well-planned strategies, realistic timelines, and a strong team capable of executing the initiative successfully.

The selection process for the Microgrants is based on several criteria:

  1. Goal Alignment: Your project should align with GYCAF's vision of empowering youth in sustainability.
  2. Functionality and Relevance: Understand your target audience and how your project addresses an unmet or under-addressed problem.
  3. Financial Planning: Demonstrate financial awareness and explain how the grant will contribute to the project's sustainability.
  4. Team: Showcase a motivated and cohesive team with clear roles and responsibilities.
  5. Implementability: Provide a timeline for project implementation and demonstrate an understanding of potential barriers and mitigation strategies.

Ready to apply? Visit the GYCAF website or click the provided link to access the application form. Don't miss this opportunity to secure funding and make a real impact on climate change.


The Global Youth Climate Action Fund's Microgrants 2023 present a unique opportunity for young Africans to receive financial support and bring their climate action projects to life. By empowering youth-led initiatives in areas such as sustainable agriculture, clean energy, oceans, capacity building, green stewardship, and technology and innovation, GYCAF is paving the way for a greener future. Apply today, seize this chance to create positive change, and share your thoughts on this initiative in the comments section. Together, we can build a sustainable Africa for generations to come.

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