TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Deadline: June 15, 2023

Applications are now open for the TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023, a remarkable opportunity for female founders to showcase their startups on a global stage. This competition, organized by TiE Women, aims to empower and support women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, providing them with access to funding, mentoring, and a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023 is an exciting initiative that invites female-founded or co-founded startups to participate in a global pitch competition. The vision behind TiE Women is to embrace, engage, and empower women entrepreneurs across the globe, regardless of the size of their enterprises or their backgrounds. This program offers a range of local and global events, leading up to the ultimate opportunity for one women-led business from Oregon to compete for cash prizes on an international platform.

The TiE Advantages:

TiE Women offers several key advantages that set it apart as a valuable resource for women entrepreneurs:

  1. Largest Network of Entrepreneurs: TiE boasts one of the largest entrepreneurship organizations worldwide, providing access to a vast network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, mentors, and domain experts.
  2. Mentoring & Strong Linkages to Investors: TiE Women facilitates mentoring relationships that can extend from individual meetings to securing funding, expanding into new markets, and connecting with the right fund managers.
  3. Networking & Building Connections at Events: Success in business often hinges on meaningful connections. TiE Women provides members and charter members with invaluable opportunities to network with fellow entrepreneurs, executives from large companies, potential customers, and investors.
  4. Partners in Policymaking: In addition to serving entrepreneurs, TiE actively engages with policymakers to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship. Through collaborations with governments, delegations, and successful entrepreneurs, TiE supports startup policymaking and stimulates growth in developing economies.
  5. Domain Expertise: TiE Women encompasses a diverse range of industries, including high technology, healthcare, biotech, media, telecom, consulting, finance, and law. This diversity ensures access to a wealth of domain expertise.
  6. Education & Startup Learning: TiE Women offers numerous educational programs, such as startup workshops, bootcamp sessions, youth entrepreneurship academies, and specialized training focused on enhancing business knowledge, entrepreneurship skills, and innovative ideation.


To participate in the TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023, startups must meet the following criteria:

  1. Female-founded or co-founded startups (pitch opportunity exclusively available to female founder/co-founder).
  2. Female co-founder(s) must hold a minimum of 33% equity in the company.
  3. Companies must have been in business for less than seven years at the time of application (registered after January 1, 2016).
  4. Preference will be given to startups that are actively raising funds.
  5. Idea stage startups are not eligible for screening.


To apply for the TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023, interested entrepreneurs can visit the official application page. The selection process and final decisions will be made by TiE Women with the mission of supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs.


The TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023 presents a remarkable opportunity for women entrepreneurs to showcase their startups on a global platform. By embracing diversity, providing access to funding, mentoring, networking, and domain expertise, TiE Women aims to empower and uplift women entrepreneurs across the globe. Aspiring participants should seize this chance to apply and share their remarkable business ideas. Together, let's celebrate women entrepreneurship and inspire others to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. To learn more about this transformative opportunity, visit the TiE Women Global Pitch Competition website.

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