Madagascar President's Private Conversation: Espionage or Manipulation?

Could there be a mole in the Malagasy presidential palace? The recording of a private phone conversation of the President ended up being published on Facebook.

The case resembles a spy movie plot. The recording of a phone call from the President to a state security executive, likely a high-ranking gendarme, was listened to on Facebook by thousands of stunned internet users.

In it, the President gives instructions regarding two cases: that of a young man, a rickshaw shooter who was lynched because he was wearing a t-shirt of the ruling party. The other case concerns the intervention of law enforcement officers within a university campus facing rebellious students.

In both cases, there is nothing serious or reprehensible in the content of what the President says. On the contrary, Andry Rajoelina instructs his interlocutor to respect the legal framework and not to use force in an unreasonable manner.

Who recorded and made this conversation public? A spy? A traitor? ... Unless it is simply a manipulation of public opinion. A false leak orchestrated to suggest that the President is serene, that he is in control of the situation in all circumstances.

According to the "Midi-Madagascar" newspaper, there is an investigation at the palace to unmask the mole. This case demonstrates the feverishness at the top of the state in this presidential election year.

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