Madagascar: Stop Overfishing in the Indian Ocean

Several associations defending small-scale artisanal fishermen in Madagascar are urging their government and the European Union to enforce limitations imposed on industrial boats.

In February of this year, the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission meeting in Kenya recommended that industrial vessels reduce the use of floating fish aggregating devices (FADs). These are drifting rafts used as bait for fish. Each boat uses up to 300 of them. Their number must be reduced to 250 from January 1, 2024, and to 200 the following year. In addition, there is a ban on using them for 72 days a year.

Some tuna species are overexploited, such as albacore or bigeye tuna, to the point where it is no longer possible to rebuild stocks. Several NGOs are calling on Malagasy authorities to impose these limitations.

Most of the factory boats are European, mainly Spanish and a few French. Their activity threatens artisanal fishermen in Madagascar, as well as those on other islands.

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