Join Africally as Our CEO: Shaping the Future of African Stories Together

Deadline : April 29, 2024.

Africally is a platform celebrating African culture, achievements, and stories. We're looking for a CEO with vision to lead us into a new era. Our mission is to highlight Africa's rich diversity and unity, and we need someone who believes in a flourishing African narrative and is ready to make it happen.

At Africally, we're all about aspiration, diversity, and unity. We started with the dream of showing the world Africa's beauty, and now we're a home for authentic African voices. We're at a crucial point, looking to grow our reach and impact, and need a CEO who can champion Africa's history and future.

The Role

The journey of leading Africally is vast and varied, demanding a blend of vision, passion, and pragmatic leadership. As CEO, your missions will be as follows:

  • Content Strategy Development: Craft and implement a vision for producing and curating content that spotlights the diversity and achievements of African stories, cultures, and personalities.
  • Audience Growth and Engagement: Spearhead initiatives to widen the platform's audience and engagement, connecting with both African viewers and a global audience that seeks to understand Africa's essence.
  • Partnership and Collaboration Building: Establish meaningful relationships with African content creators, cultural institutions, and media partners to enrich our content and expand our reach.
  • Africally Awards Management: Oversee the Africally Awards, ensuring they honor the continent's vast achievements and inspire others to achieve greatness.
  • Revenue Generation and Sustainability: Formulate and execute strategies to ensure financial sustainability without compromising our mission's integrity.
  • Community Engagement and Social Impact: Launch programs that engage our audience in significant ways, fostering a community that supports African talent and contributes to societal growth.
  • Technology and Innovation Leadership: Leverage technology and innovation to improve content delivery and user experience, ensuring accessibility across diverse African locales.
  • Brand and Reputation Management: Build and maintain a strong brand identity that aligns with our values of celebration, diversity, and positivity.
  • Team Leadership and Development: Assemble and inspire a team committed to Africally's mission, promoting a culture of excellence, creativity, and respect for diversity.
  • Market Analysis and Adaptation: Continually analyze market trends to adapt our strategies, ensuring Africally remains relevant and impactful.

Expectations and Trial Period

The selected candidate will embark on a six-month trial period, designed to infuse Africally with innovative perspectives and catalyze our growth. Your mission will be to broaden our content's impact, enhance audience engagement, forge meaningful partnerships, and effectively manage our team.

During this trial, we expect you to not just align with our immediate goals but also to lay down the groundwork for sustainable growth. Crucially, you will be tasked with crafting a detailed proposal for the trial's conclusion. This proposal must outline:

  • Your strategic vision and initiatives for Africally's future
  • Leadership and operational strategies
  • Financial planning, with a focus on your contributions and envisioned collaboration model

Given the unique partnership model we envision, this role does not offer a fixed salary. Instead, you'll be invited to propose a revenue-sharing plan, both for the trial period and beyond, based on your assessment of the potential value you bring and the growth strategies you implement. Your financial proposal should reflect a mutual investment in Africally's success, detailing how earnings will be shared in alignment with the contributions and results achieved.

Role Beyond the Trial

Upon a successful trial and mutual agreement to proceed, you will be tasked with realizing the vision and plans you proposed. As CEO, your role will be pivotal in crafting Africally's legacy. Furthermore, recognizing the significance of your contributions and leadership, you will be offered the opportunity to become a partner and co-founder of Africally. This is not just a leadership position; it is an invitation to join us at the core of our mission, closely collaborating with our founder, who will drive our technical innovations as the CTO, ensuring our platform remains at the forefront of technology and storytelling.

Who We're Looking For

In our search for the next CEO of Africally, we are looking for a dynamic and visionary leader who embodies our mission and is ready to steer our platform to new heights. We believe that talent and passion transcend conventional boundaries, and thus, we are open to candidates of any gender, from anywhere in the world. Our ideal candidate should fall within the age range of 25 to 45 years, ready to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our team.

Key Qualifications

  • Diverse Backgrounds Welcome: We encourage applications from both experienced professionals and those early in their career. What matters most is your alignment with Africally's vision and your potential to contribute meaningfully to our mission.
  • Academic Excellence: For those with less professional experience, an outstanding academic record in Business Management or a related field is essential. This ensures you have a solid foundation of knowledge to draw upon in leading our organization.
  • Global Perspective: Given our mission to showcase Africa's rich diversity and stories to the world, we value candidates with a global outlook. Whether you're from within the African continent or beyond, what's important is your ability to connect with and represent diverse cultures and narratives.
  • Leadership and Vision: We seek individuals who are not just managers but true leaders—people who can inspire a team, navigate challenges with grace, and see beyond the horizon. Your ability to envision the future of Africally and guide us there is crucial.
  • Adaptability and Innovation: The media landscape is ever-evolving, and we need a CEO who is agile and innovative. Your willingness to embrace change, experiment with new ideas, and adapt to the shifting needs of our audience will be key to our collective success.
  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: Africally is built on the principles of diversity and inclusion. We expect our CEO to champion these values, ensuring that our platform continues to be a space where all voices are heard and celebrated.

What We Offer

This is a unique opportunity to not only lead but also shape the future of an influential media platform. Beyond the trial period, successful candidates will have the chance to become a partner and co-founder of Africally, joining a mission-driven team that's passionate about making a difference. If you're ready to join us on this journey, we'd love to hear from you.

How to Apply

We're looking for someone who shares our ethos and vision for a bright future. Contact us via WhatsApp or Messenger to discuss this opportunity.


Africally is more than a media outlet; it's a vibrant community celebrating Africa's narrative. If you have the vision and passion for Africa's story, join us as CEO. Let's make history together by celebrating and elevating Africa.

Start your journey with Africally today and be part of narrating Africa's story of diversity, strength, and beauty.

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